Easy Series, max. 180,000 Btuh, 9.8 Gpm

With an industry leading 25 year heat exchanger warranty, this NORITZ EZ series tankless water heater is the State of the Art in advanced condensing technology. What's more, NORITZ put a great deal of thought into ease of installation. Thus the EZ/EASY series earned its name. They put the plumbing on top to minimize plumbing modifications. This heater can be vented using flexible Poly Propylene vent pipe that can be channeled through existing metal vent greatly reducing the time and cost of change outs. Various other venting options are available from an outdoor vent kit, to the use of 2" Schedule 40 PVC pipe. In high capacity situations two units can be common vented simplifying installation and reducing roof penetrations. With flow rates up to 9.8 gallons per minute, this EZ Series model is fully modulating and utilizes a cutting edge gas venturi and pre-mix burner to deliver extremely stable temperatures and most efficient combustion (0.96 UEF). This heater is also Quick Connect compatible, meaning you can link two identical units together for additional capacity and redundancy. Includes remote control Thermostatic. IK-WV-200-1-XX-LF-1-XX-LF series valve kit (required for installation) sold separately. Common companion items include rain cap termination PRC-1, atmospheric conversion kit SVCK-2 and horizontal intake/termination kit PVT-HL.

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  • Features


    • Industry leading 25 year heat exchanger warranty
    • Direct replacement for existing 50 gal tank water heater
    • High Efficiency
    • Top Mount Water Connections for Easy Tank Replacement
    • Versatile applications as it can be installed Direct Vent (DV), Single Vent (SV), 2" Flex Vent (FSV) or Outdoor (OD)