Easy 75 Gallon Tank Replacement, max. 199,900 Btuh, 11.1 Gpm

Changing out a liquid propane 75 Gallon tank type heater? Then no doubt the NORITZ EZTR50 bundle is the ideal choice. Equipped with all the components required for change out, this EZTR model is designed to make tank type change outs a breeze. Equipped with dual 316L heat stainless steel heat exchangers, this EZ Series heater is among the most durable and efficient tankless models on the market (0.96 UEF) and ships with an industry leading 25 year heat exchanger warranty. What's more, NORITZ put a great deal of thought into ease of installation. They put the plumbing on top to minimize water piping modifications. They included the required valve kit and 25' of flexible poly propylene venting that can be channeled through existing metal venting for exhaust, greatly reducing the time and cost of change outs. Three important installation notes: condensing water heaters produce water/condensate and therefore require a drain (2-3 gallons per hour when running constantly); Tankless heater have electronic ignitions which require a 120VAC/60Hz power source; lastly, make sure you have sufficient gas pressure available for the unit you are installing. Your local gas provider will be happy to confirm.

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  • Features


    • Industry leading 25 year heat exchanger warranty
    • Direct replacement for existing 75 gal tank water heater
    • 2" Flex Vent Kit included with conversion kit for vertical flex vent run through existing B-Vent; isolation valve kit and east-to-follow start up guide as well.
    • High Efficiency
    • Low NOx