HiFlow Rite-Temp® 3/4" pressure-balancing single-handle with screwdriver stops

This Rite-Temp pressure-balancing valve works behind the scenes to prevent scalding and thermal shock for optimal comfort. Additionally, the unit features a diaphragm design that virtually eliminates freeze-ups from contamination and water debris. When paired with compatible trim, this valve delivers a high-temperature limit stop and an optimal comfort zone, so you can set a maximum high and then find and maintain your desired water temperature.

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  • Features

    Whats in the Box:

    • K-2971-KS - Valve


    • Pressure-balance diaphragm technology provides reliable anti scald protection and maintains mixed water temperature within +/- 3 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Maximum flow rate of 13.0 gpm at 45psi - ideal for multiple outlet shower installations or rapid bath filling.
    • 3/4-inch NPT connections.
    • Integral shut-off valve stops.
    • Adjustable high-temperature limit stop to control maximum temperature.
    • Deep rough-in kits are available - refer to individual trim design.
    • Requires valve trim (sold separately).
    • Forged brass construction material.