Cadence™ Hardwood cutting board, for Undertone®, Cadence™, Iron/Tones®, and Toccata™ kitchen sinks

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Made of beautiful, durable hardwood, this cutting board features a gracefully curved shape and grooved channel that directs liquids away from the edges and into the sink. The board has been specifically crafted to fit over select sinks, bringing convenience to your kitchen workspace.

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  • Features

    Whats in the Box:

    • K-3294 - Cutting Board


    • Fits over the K-3206 Ballad kitchen sink, K-6584 and K-6585 Iron/Tones kitchen sinks, K-3346 Toccata kitchen sink, and K-3168, K-3171, K-3174, K-3177, K-3330, K-3331, K-3332, K-3350, K-3351, K-3352, and K-3353 Undertone kitchen sinks.
    • Durable hardwood construction.
    • Rim channel collects liquids for easy cleanup.
    • Provides a workstation for quick and easy food prepping.