Rêve® Comfort Height® one-piece elongated dual-flush toilet with top actuator and skirted trapway

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The unique design of the Reve collection adds a sculptural element to the bathroom. With geometric lines and contemporary styling, this one-piece Reve Comfort Height toilet delivers a bold design along with substantial water savings. The dual-flush toilet activates with the press of a button, offering the choice of .8 or 1.6 gallons per flush. At the high-efficiency .8-gpf flush setting, you can save as much as 6,000 gallons of water annually over a traditional 1.6-gallon toilet.

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    Whats in the Box:

    • K-3797 - Toilet


    • One-piece toilets integrate the tank and bowl into a seamless, easy-to-clean design.
    • Compact elongated bowl offers added comfort while occupying the same space as a round-front bowl.
    • Two-button flush offers a choice of .8 or 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf).
    • Skirted trapway facilitates easy cleaning and enhances design.
    • Includes Reve seat with Quiet-Close™ functionality.
    • Includes Reve seat with Quiet-Close™ functionality.
    • Dual-flush technology allows you to choose between a full- or partial-flush.
    • 12-inch rough-in installation.
    • Supply line not included.
    • WaterSense® toilets meet strict EPA flushing guidelines, including using at least 20 percent less water than 1.6-gallon toilets.
    • Eligible for consumer rebates in some municipalities.
    • This product meets water savings requirements for CALGreen and Colorado SB 14-103.