Invigoration Series Steam Generator Control Unit

Bring the soothing comfort of a private steam shower to your bathroom. This steam generator control kit allows you to enjoy the purifying benefits of steam in your shower--ready in just 60 seconds at the push of a button. The kit includes an easy-to-install, digital control panel with adjustable temperature and session settings and a steam head with built-in reservoir for adding your favorite aromatherapy scents. New sensor technology keeps the steam at a consistent temperature.

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  • Features

    Whats in the Box:

    • Control Panel
    • Steam Head
    • RJ-12 Cord and Connector
    • Mounting Arm and Gasket
    • Installation Instructions


    • Includes control panel and steam head with aromatherapy reservoir
    • Required for use with KOHLER Invigoration®�5kW-15kW steam generators
    • Improved sensor reduces temperature fluctuations for a consistent steam shower temperature
    • Fast-Response®�technology produces a luxurious steam shower in 60 seconds
    • Power Clean™�technology offers one-touch automatic cleaning and safe maintenance
    • Circular steam head design allows steam to be evenly dispensed throughout shower
    • Easily adjustable control panel allows user to set temperature (90-125°F range) and steam session duration
    • Controls the Power Clean feature
    • 20-minute safety auto-shutoff
    • Quick-connect RJ-12 cord and connector for simplified installation and service
    • Mounting arm and gasket included