SoftClose® Ultra Slim

The TOTO SoftClose® Non Slamming, Slow Close Elongated Toilet Seat and Lid is the latest in innovative smart seat technology. The ultra slim design creates a sleek and modern aesthetic with seamless connection to the toilet bowl. Constructed of solid, high-impact plastic, this unique seat is specifically designed to reduce injury and to eliminate annoying �Toilet Seat Slam." The seat and lid utilize a built-in SoftClose® hinge system, which lowers the seat and lid down to the bowl gently and quietly. The engineering of SoftClose® combines TOTO's high-quality standards and consumer ease. Top tightening mounting bolts ensure easy and secure installation for a more stable fit on the bowl. This seat couples well with TOTO T40 WASHLET®+ bowls and conceal the WASHLET®+ channel. Features a quick release hinge system for easy cleaning and maintenance. All mounting and installation hardware for the SoftClose® seat is included, along with easy to follow installation instructions for care and maintenance guidelines.

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  • Features

    What is in the Box:

    • Toilet Seat
    • Installation Instructions


    • Closed front, elongated SoftClose® toilet seat and cover
    • Quick release hinge system for easy cleaning
    • Slow closing seat and lid action reduces the chance of injury and unwanted noise
    • Ultra sleek and slim design
    • New design with more stable fit and reduced seat wobble
    • Conceals TOTO WASHLET®+ channels in TOTO T40 WASHLET®+ bowls
    • Solid high-impact resin plastic with stainless steel hinge plate covers
    • Included: SoftClose® seat and mounting hardware