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Gooseneck ECOPOWER® 0.35 GPM Electronic Touchless Sensor Bathroom Faucet Spout

At TOTO, they design simple, brilliant, and elegant solutions for basic human needs where every innovation and detail is designed with you in mind. TOTO is committed to improving people's lives and for over a century, TOTO has made products that do just that. The ECOPOWER Gooseneck spout has a sleek and smooth body construction with a high arching neck, resulting in a tall water column for users. Designed to pair with TOTO's 0.35 GPM ECOPOWER® faucet controller, TELC103-D20E. This ECOPOWER® system creates cost effective solutions by harnessing the energy of running water to power itself, both creating and storing power for operation. Although this faucet system is ideal for high-traffic commercial spaces, it is highly efficient and can replenish power stores with no minimum daily usage. The durable, chrome plated spout features a micro-sensor positioned underneath the spout head that accurately detects the user. This self-adjusting sensor ensures a quick, smooth, and consistent water distribution, and the on-demand system means that water flows only when needed and cannot be accidentally left running. When paired with required ECOPOWER® TELC103-D20E 0.35 GPM controller, the faucet achieves a 0.11 GPC, 20 second on-demand flow rate that is CEC and CALGreen compliant. Easy installation, with no wiring and low-cost maintenance, makes this faucet practical, sustainable, and durable. TOTO creates a clean, relaxed, and refreshing lifestyle by designing for every part of the bathroom and striving to bring more to every moment you spend there. Included items: Gooseneck spout only. Purchase separately: ECOPOWER® TELC103-D20E 0.35 GPM controller, water supply line for G1/2 connection, and ECOPOWER mixing valve for water that is not pre-mixed.

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    What is in the Box:

    • Bathroom Faucet
    • Installation Instructions


    • Seamless and smooth construction with a high arching neck design
    • Electronic touchless sensor faucet
    • Pairs with TOTO ECOPOWER® self-generating hydro-powered system
    • Easy, single-hole mount installation with no wiring, and low-cost maintenance
    • Vandal resistant aerator housing
    • Durable chrome plated spout body
    • Equipped with a 0.35 GPM water-saving flow rate
    • CEC and CALGreen compliant
    • ADA compliant
    • Strategic location of sensor at tip of spout for instant response time
    • 0.11 GPC with 20 seconds on-demand water flow
    • Included items: ECOPOWER® spout body only
    • Purchase separately: TELC103-D20E required controller and TLM10 or TLT20 mixing valve for water that is not premixed